Easter 2022


It was so lovely to see the children playing together so nicely and the boys sewing!!

They enjoyed decorating the lighthouses which looked great especially when the tea light (battery operated) was added for effect.  They spent a long time adding detail.

Unfortunately it was too windy outside for the sports equipment so we had to go into the drama hall.  The children enjoyed various team games.

Cooking is always a welcomed activity.  We made cookies and decorated them and chocolate crispy cakes with mini eggs.

Our Easter holiday week flew past.  For a few of the children it was their first time but they all settled in well.  They all enjoyed a range of activities, gymnastics, dance, clay modelling, team sports, cooking, board games (frustration was the most popular!), arts and crafts and of course our Easter egg-hunt.  All of the children had to answer a question that was hidden inside the egg to be entered into the prize draw.  Three lucky winners received a chocolate rabbit and all of the participants received a chocolate lolly.  They had lots of fun playing with friends old and new.  We managed to spend lots of time outside dodging the bad weather!