Activities provided for children and their parents/carers will only be arranged with organisations that have the necessary insurances and risk assessments in place, and have been approved by the trustees.

Allegations including Whistleblowing, Bullying and Harassment policies

In the event of an allegation against the EHAS Manager or a trustee, the matter should be reported in writing to the chair of EHAS, via Edenbridge Primary School. In the event that the allegation relates to the chair, the Charities’ Commission should be informed.

Confidentiality policy

EHAS is committed to maintaining high standards of confidentiality in all aspects of its work.  This includes records and information pertaining to trustees, staff, children and their families.  Any breaches of this policy may give rise to disciplinary action.

Complaints policy

In the event of a complaint the matter should be raised with the EHAS Manager. If the complaint concerns the EHAS Manager or a trustee, the problem should be reported in writing to the chair of EHAS, via Edenbridge Primary School. In the event that the allegation relates to the chair, the Charities’ Commission should be informed.

Digital Safety policy

The EHAS manager has a mobile phone which is password protected with contact details of parents/ carers and trustees. Parents are asked for written permission for photographs used on our website or in newsletters. Names are not printed alongside photographs. Photographs are stored on a password protected laptop by the EHAS manager temporarily and are deleted after use.

Equal Opportunities statement

EHAS provides activities for children and their parents/carers from disadvantaged families in the Edenbridge District. We provide equal opportunities to all such families who want to use our activities and do not discriminate against them because of gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, age, ethnic origin, nationality, national origins, disability, marital status, or religious beliefs, in accordance with National Standards and meeting welfare requirements.

Finance – Reserves Policy

The Trustees hold a year’s funding in reserve in order not to let either our Staff or our vulnerable families down.  Continuity is the key to the success of our work.

We will endeavour to keep our core costs at a minimum.  Every year we produce a budget and undertake only to fund activities as our finances will safely allow us to do.


See separate policy

Health and Safety including, Fire, Evacuation and First Aid Policies

The EHAS Manager’s office is based in Edenbridge Primary School, and is therefore covered by the school’s HSAW procedures. On the occasions when the EHAS Manager is working off-site she needs to ensure that a third party is aware of her destination and the times of arrival and departure. The EHAS Manager is aware that any health and safety concerns should be drawn to the attention of the chair of EHAS as soon as possible.

The health and safety of all EHAS beneficiaries is a priority. Any concerns will be notified by the parents to the provider. Any concerns raised with the EHAS Manager will be drawn to the attention of the trustees.

Medical needs and disabilities Policy

Parents are responsible for informing providers of their children’s medical needs and disabilities where necessary. Parents will administer medication as needed.

Safeguarding Policy

The trustees and EHAS Manager are DBS checked. The EHAS manager undertakes safeguarding training at least once every three years. Children will be supervised by their parents and carers at all times. However if safeguarding concerns come to the attention of the EHAS Manager these concerns will be recorded and advice sought from social services and/or the police as appropriate.

Contact details: Children’s Social Services, open 9-5pm Mondays to Fridays (Swanley 0300 0411111 )  (Ask for duty and assessment team for children and families stating that you want “A consultation with the duty social worker on a child protection issue”).

Out of Hours Social Services: 03000419191.